we foundation

empowering women



WE Artists

Sanam – sanam is a quick learner and has been stitching ever since her school days. With no professional guidance or coaching, she has self learnt the skill. Many lovely products of WE are credited to her.

Prema – an aspiring artist. she is currently  learning to stitch and embroider at WE.

Surekha – again a self learner but presently, in the process of refining her skill.

Anita – Anita’s husband is a tailor. WE is providing her with opprtunities, raw material and projects to learn from.

Mr. and Mrs. Jha

Founders, Administrators and fighters for WE.

Mrs Shanta Nayak

Mrs Nayak is our primary pillar of financial support. WE initiated with her generous contribution and faith in the pursuit. Her participation extends to marketing ideas and cost saving production.

Mr. and Mrs Jethwani

Jethwanis have been with WE ever since its foundation. Their extensive support in donating and providing us with lovely organic raw material for our products is worth mentioning. Apart from that,  WE also learns designs and innovative ideas from them. They also play an important role in the quality check of WE products.

Vinita Dubey

Vinita is a guide in administration and through WE,basically attempts and explores job opportunities to those in need, in the small towns of Jharkhand.

Girish Shetty

Girish contributed generously in providing WE with machinery and equipment. He lives in the U.S but works very closely with WE.


Diksha has a soulful participation in WE. An artist herself, she motivates, supports and remains connected with the movement with immense energy. WE receives ideas, guidance and strength from Diksha at all times.






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