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empowering women


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WE foundation is a small community working towards women empowerment and its primary goal is to create job opportunities for them.

Our country, India is immensely rich in art and skill. we will find fine artists almost everywhere, beyond mountains and across rivers alike. Be it the Van Gujjars of  Uttarakhand or silk weavers on the banks of  Ganga in Bihar, it seems like an endless affair.

Last year, we stumbled upon a lady presenting herself as a housemaid seeking house work. she was a soft-spoken kind lady by her demeanor and had financial worries. After a couple of inquires and introductions, we were disheartened to know that she was a tailor by profession but had succumbed to house work for lack of enough work as a tailor and it was not just her. there were many!!

We have been involved in fashion, costumes and creative work for almost two decades and a skill dying slowly in such a manner was indeed traumatic. we wanted to do something, something almost drastic to help them out. So we have initiated this movement with an aim to provide them with the kind of work they are best at.

And WE began, as a small community where we try and give them resources and knowledge to learn and pursue creative work.We only deals in organic products.

We originated and operates in Madh, Mumbai  – a small partly detached island, very much a part of Mumbai yet apart in terms of development and structure. It is a natural bliss to live and work in Madh!!
Our few dear friends and well wishers have contributed generously towards our movement. It is motivating when people join in and care enough so as to be a part of it.  do hop in!!
WE India runs as a community and is currently pursuing the process for its registration as  a Non-Government Organisation.

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