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Over the time, the standard, quality and taste of Indian food and snacks have changed. Much for the worse. We face constant threat of dilution, contamination, adulteration and poor preparation of various food products. And out of very little choice and options available, we are succumbed to either opt for them or not eat at all! (the latter one isn’t an option really). The standardized ones that are made available for us are either limited or very expensive for a lay man to purchase on a regular basis,  since, the food industry is primarily focused on business and very little on health.

Also, our traditional delicacies are very slowly fading out of the market and are welcomed only during festivals and events. However, every Indian knows the taste and aroma that our desi snacks attract us with. On a daily basis, every household needs healthy alternative snacks for their consumption and it is practically challenging for the home keepers to prepare them on a regular basis.

so, WE ladies initiated the food category, on discovering their culinary skills, and have been employed, trained and engaged in making, packing and delivering these goodies. However, it is extremely important to mention and offer thanks to those friends and well wishers who have given undue support to make this so successful.

WE homemade foods is introducing an exclusive range of snacks and sweets that are prepared with premium oil, butter and all the other quality based ingredients, so to serve the real authentic, healthy and hygienic dishes that comes from a traditional Indian kitchen. They are absolutely homemade in their preparation and does not include any coloring, soda or any other kind of preservatives. And most importantly, they more or less, fall in the same pricing category that is available in the market.

Our current range is available on this page and we promise to slowly give you a wider variety, over the time. It is our honest pursuit to encourage healthy snacking and discourage cheap quality foods in the market. Buy/order our product and give us a fair chance to prove what we believe in.

A traditional South Indian tea time snack made from the pure Asafoetida gum and red chillies, prepared in premium oil to give it the real authentic taste and quality of home made food.

Spicy heeng chilly sev – 75.00/250gms

A traditional South Indian tea time snack, this Sev is made from the pure Asafoetida gum and red chillies, prepared in premium oil to give it the real authentic taste and quality of home made food.


Jeera Mathri

Jeera Mathri 75.00/250gms

Healthy, crispy with no excess oil, light and delicious. Made with a combination of flours, this snack is simple yet tempting. With a healthy sprinkle of Jeera seeds (cumin seeds), it also makes the snack digestion friendly. It is prepared using butter and premium oils that are  used for comsumption in Indian homes.



Yellow Poha Chewda 70.00/250gms

Yellow chewda made from thin light poha(beaten rice) and tempered with Indian spices and nuts. prepared in minimal oil, this snack is light and has enough nutritious value.


Theekhi Kachori 85.00/250gms

Theekhi Kachori
Rs. 100/per dozen

A delicacy for those who enjoy Indian snacks with a pinch of lip smacking spices. This kachori refuses to stop you at one. It is non-oily and very light yet spicy and full of a treat. A must try!


Ajwain Mathri

Ajwain Mathri 75.00/250gms

Yet another digestive snack with a generous throw of ajwain seeds(carrom seeds). The most ‘in demand’ snack from our menu.



Shakkarpara(sweet) 85.00/250gms

A sweet crispie again with a combination of two flours. the reason all the fried snacks here are non oily is because they are kneaded and beaten with a perfect measure of butter and oil and hence the crispies turn oil free and light and at the same time, healthy. It is a skill to treat them in this way as we make them.


Karanji(coconut filling) 10.00(per pc)

Karanji(coconut filling)
10.00(per pc)


The tradional Maharashtrian Karanjis !! A sweet delicacy with a sugary coconut  and dry nut filling. Aromatic and rich. One piece at a time does the job (two or more for those with a sweet tooth).



Flavoured Kurmura 45.00/150gms

The most popular and friendly snack. Salted kurmura with sev and puri.Anytime..anyplace!!



Puranpoli 30.00/per pc

The authentic puranpolis!! This delicacy needs no introduction. Try ours and relish it in the true sense. Made with wheat flour, jaggery, Bengal gram and cardomoms, this is as good as a mini meal.


Please note:

#Kindly call us on 9820500119, or email us on wefoundwe@gmail.com or leave a comment down here to place an order or share a comment/query.

# We deliver at your doorstep. Charges extra.

#Ordering a day prior will help us serve you fresh and in stock.


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